We at Kings River Bulldogges are longtime breeders and enthusiasts who are dedicated to promoting and improving the Olde English breed. Our site is loaded with pictures and information regarding this rare breed of bulldog, which you will frequently hear referred to as an alternative bulldog.


Our goal is to produce an athletic and healthy bulldogge with a sound temperament. OEB’s should be able to breathe freely, have good movement, and breed and whelp on their own. Unlike the modern AKC Bulldog, which has been bred more for a look than for a function, resulting in a myriad of health issues and a shortened life expectancy, the OEB has been developed in an effort to restore the olde bulldogge to what it originally was.


Every puppy that leaves us here at KRB will have been well socialized in a family environment. They will have had their first shots and they will have been dewormed. We only do a couple of very select breedings a year. Puppies are available to be picked up at eight weeks of age. No shipping is available per USDA regulations. We are available to all of our new owners by email or phone to provide support for the lifetime of the dog.


Sandy A. Wall

Kings River Bulldogges